Mario Cavazos Vela phtography

"All journeys have secret 
destinations of which the traveler 
is unaware"
~Martin Buber 


Originally every black and white photograph I’ve ever taken is an exercise in composition. The discipline of creating images with only shades of gray has been a fascination of mine.

At the end, I believe that hidden behind what we perceive with our eyes there is something more. Photography somehow, even if for brief glimpses, enables me to really see.

Nevertheless through the years I have exhibited most of my pictures in cultural and art spaces. And in the process I have been recognized and awarded.

It all started in the early ’90s well before digital. So what you see in here is almost all 35mm film photography. Most of these pictures are available in limited edition prints.

Since 2001 I've been based in New York City working as a photographer and designer or computer instructor. If you’d like to see my color work please find me in either:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Behance

Or visit my design company C-Velz or LinkedIn page.

We live in exciting times. More people than ever are taking pictures. While we do so, we are expanding our vision of this invaluable world. To see it is to love it!

Kind regards,